About Surgical Strike


We are a guild meant for Fun, Active, Mature, Social Adult Players. We do a little bit of everything from leveling, to gearing up, to end game progression, to fun guild events, with  some PVP thrown in, we do like to have fun and hang out.

Be sure to check In-Game Calendar for upcoming events/raids.  All times are posted for server time.

We look forward to gettiung to meet new people and get away from the “real world”,while having FUN. We are here to help each other. We do understand that everyone gets busy with the real world but hope to see you a couple times a week, even if you can't attend the Raids, at least you can cheer us on. Be sure to be considerate to others.

Just as a forewarning under no circumstances will anyone in the guild ask for your WOW account name and/or password! If anyone does please report them immediately to the Guild Leaders.

Please do not hesitate to email through this website,  with any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions.

Now Let's Go Have Some Fun!!!

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